Along with our many years of experience, comes a vast amount of technical knowledge. We’re here to help you turn your product design ideas into reality, and assist with any or all of the stages in-between.

At E3Design we are not only equipped to offer creative design services, we also boast abilities in Prototyping, Tooling and Support, FEA and Product Analysis as well as having the capabilities to offer CAD Engineering Support.  


If you’re seeking advice, guidance, or support from experts in Industrial Design, Engineering Design or Product Development, we can help.

E3Design - Services

Design for Manufacture

The variety of established and proven skills and knowledge within our team means that we have an unsurpassed expertise in all of our long term and current work, while still having the capacity to create, develop, and maintain fresh and innovative ideas for the future.  


Our creative design team has a proven record of delivering the product, with many companies returning time and time again to use our services. 


Our designers have specialist skills in product, industrial design and development, with particular skills in design for plastic injection moulding and high volume manufacture. 

E3Design has a wealth of experience in Consumer Product, Structural Packaging, Medical, Lighting, Industrial, DFM and even Fashion.

CAD Support


CAD is mainly used for detailed engineering of 3D models or 2D drawings of physical components. It is also used throughout the engineering process from conceptual design and layout of products, through strength and dynamic analysis of assemblies to definition of manufacturing methods of components. 

E3Design can offer competitive rates for CAD support to your business on a contacts basis. A bolt on service that you can switch off and on as demand requires.

E3Design - Services
E3Design - Services


We always encourage our clients to manufacture a prototype of their product. The level and detail required in prototyping can vary greatly, but we believe it is essential to have a physical artefact for evaluation and approval at the critical stages of a project.

We utilise our in-house 3D printing capability and outsource as well as use our supply chain of companies in the UK, Europe and the Far East to supply all levels of prototyping. This can range from a simple machined part to a full-scale appearance model. 


Working with our suppliers we aim to give our clients the best value prototype that is suitable for that stage of development. 

Tooling & Support

E3Design has many years of experience in designing products that are to be produced in high volume and we are proud to confirm that approximately 95% of everything E3D designs actually ends up in manufacture.  


Efficient material usage is critical for a cost effective manufacturing solution and our experience allows us to design products that optimise strength with minimum wall section.  Consideration of cavitation in tooling, and how the product will be moulded and ejected are critical in the production process.


We have significant in-house tool making experience with our Technical Director having started his career by completing a tool making apprenticeship and going on to become the Technical Director of a well-known Rapid Tooling and Manufacturing company.


We often provide tooling consultancy and advice to our clients outside the actual design projects we are working on. Our approach to product aesthetics and economic material usage, combined with hands-on manufacturing experience and ergonomic design, has led to us working with some of the biggest companies in the world. 

E3Design - Services

FEA & Analysis

Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Thermal Analysis software as needed, we can develop accurate insights and check fits and functionality before the start of any prototyping. 


With the variety of clients we work with, the analysis requirements can vary greatly. We look into our designs at all levels from an in- house ‘look-see’ to a full outsourced mechanical, structural or electrical analysis.


With the design of plastic parts we work with our suppliers and our clients suppliers using mold-flow analysis where needed to de-risk the part design or demonstrate how a part can best be made.


Our team’s technical experience covers many industries and environments and if we do not have the capability to preform a specific analysis in house, we have a number of industry connections who can arrange for these tests to be completed.